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OK, I'm setting up the archive software, which is designed to have a mailing list associated with it. So it got me to wondering...do we want a mailing list? I was advised to ask the interested parties for their opinions. So I made a poll!

Poll #134637 mailing list, anyone?

Should Seeking Grace have a mailing list associated with it?


If we have a mailing list, what kind should it be?

Fic only
Discussion only
Fic and discussion combined
Two lists: one for fic, one for discussion
Other (something I haven't thought of? explain in comments please)

If we had such a mailing list, would you be interested in helping to moderate and/or maintain it?


Finally, one last question that I thought I'd leave out of the poll and let you leave a comment for:

If we do create a mailing list, where should it be hosted? I have the capability to create mailing lists with my webhost, so that's one option. Advantages: might be simpler for me; not Yahoo. Or we could use YahooGroups. Advantages: might be simpler for everyone else because it IS Yahoo. Or we could use some other list site. Suggestions?
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First off, a thousand hugs to you for getting this much done so far. You are awesome.

I voted for a discussion list AND a fiction list. I've honestly not had any contact with either, so I don't think my opinions should outweigh the others. With that said, I'd rather not have it hosted at Yahoo.

Let me know what (if anything) you need from me.
JENN!! *pounces*

Where have you been, babe? I've been all minionless lately. *sniffles*

(ooh, cute icon!)

One thing I do need from you...the thing you wrote about the archive? And its name? Could you email that to me? It'll be the start of the "About Seeking Grace" section of the site.

Go check out the site! Huge progress in the last couple of days. :)

*hugs you*
Aw babe, I'm sorry. RL has just gotten uber-complicated lately. Not in a big way, just personal relationships seem to be topsy-turvy. I'm been retreating to book world lately, the internet has just been TOO personal. Odd huh?

Regardless, I'll touch up the article and send it too you shortly. I still need to get your thoughts on it. And honestly I'm not even sure what the heck I wrote anymore.

The site looks fabulous. From the graphics ((much love to Aubrey)) to the layout, you've done an amazing job thus far. Words can not describe how much love I'm having for you.

*Huge hugs back* And I'm avoiding the fact that you're obviously awake WAY too early. *g*
Want to talk later today? Around 5ish Est?
Hee! Send me whatever you have, it'll be fine. :)

Thanks for the comments on the site! So glad you approve, since I sort of just ran with it once I got started.

And, um...awake too early? Er, yeah...*hides*

5ish your time? 2ish mine. Yeah, unless I collapse at some point today that should be fine. *grins* Come look for me! You have my new sn, right? If not, it's in my user info. Looking forward to chatting with you, hon!
I'll send it-- I just need to find it first. *grin*

Rock on with the site. You've done so much thus far, I don't think I'd have been much help outside of "good job."

I'm sticking around work until at least 7something, then home for DC finale ((yes I'm a dork.)). So if you need sleep, feel free. 'Course I can stick around tomorrow, nothing interesting happens on Thursdays anyways.

See ya later today. *bounces with ....anticipation*
I never saw you, and I made it all the way until 4pm that day. *pouts*